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About Us

Gouds Club is a Voluntary Social Service Organisation. With several years of interactions with community personnel combined with professional experience in NGO's, we felt there is a need to strengthen our Community. Thus "Gouds Club" is formed with a VISION to be the Professional prime mover to Unite the community members as one family & empower them through all round Development.

To achieve the Vision, a MISSION Statement is in place, to create, develop & enhance five development areas as given below for community development by utilising the local knowledge, experience & talent. Five Directors of Gouds Club will be In-charge of one Development activity of the respective local chapter.

i)   Students & Youth Development      ii) Development of Women
iii) Economic Development                   iv) Human Resource Development     v) Community Service.

To achieve the Vision & Mission of Gouds Club we should have a VALUE ADDITION SYSTEM to implement the above five development activities.


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Gouds History
Kalchuris are one of the major communities of Inida, but divided into many clans and sects due to historical and cultural reasons. The Kalachuris, were also known as Haihayas. Kalli means a long moustache and churi a sharp knife, thus the name Kalchuris. They grow moustache and carrying a knife always as part of tradition or job.